The AHI Residence is an 18-room Bed &Breakfast, non-smoking, non-alcohol serving facility located on the Lagos Mainland.

The AHI Residence is designed for professionals who require a serene and comfortable accommodation for strategic retreats, seminars, workshops, business meetings, academic or intellectual reflection and output especially those using the adjoining halls and meeting rooms at Action Health Incorporated’s (AHI) office complex.

The profile of preferred guests includes:

  • Organizations conducting trainings and are using the training /conference facility in AHI
  • Social development workers, academia and those on professional training programmes in Lagos
  • Corporate organizations and individuals who are formally referenced by their institutions
  • Individuals and families who require a comfortable and quiet retreat for relaxation

All guests must have appropriate documentation to back up their reservation. The only acceptable forms of identification for occupancy documentation when checking-in are guest’s international passport, national identity card, or driver’s license.